Seven days of poetic expression(2)

Seven days of poetic expression(2)

IfeOluwa: Cutie Angel Wrapped In Finest Human Linens
Part 2

So this Angel came calling
Early on a Sunday morning
Yeah! I knew she was coming
But the mystery of her coming
Is a secret shared between her and loving Heavenly Father

No wonder she is a true worshipper
Of her gracious heavenly Father
He is the one who gave her to us so specially
And told us this one shall be my priest

But then when she came,
She came so quickly
She came so swiftly
She came so sweetly
She came so beautifully
And as soon as she came
We were allowed to take her home immediately

Just then as we brought her home
Herr sisters came and sat so closely where she was laid
Watching over her so lovingly
Admiring her so tenderly

Dear sweet angel Wrapped in the finest human linen

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