Snails move too

Snails move too

In this age and time where everything is fast, from the noodles we eat, to the messages we send, to using the microwave, to the stuff we buy online and get express delivery and so many other things we do not necessarily have to wait for, we have gradually become accustomed to a ‘now-now’ kinda life.

In the midst of all this our ‘nownowness’, we are tempted to think, or maybe we already do think that slow =stop. We have become so used to the speed of the jet that even a three second delay at a traffic intersection infuriates us.

I reflected recently on some plans I had while growing up(or maybe they were merely wishes🀷🏽🀷🏽) and I felt like I’m many miles behind. I planned to finish Uni at 20, finish NYSC at 21, bag a Masters at 22 and be married before or by the time I clock 23πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol…….. I’ll be 23 in 3 months and I’ve not even been offered admission nor in a relationship sef😭😭😭😭😭😭 I thought about how bad it feels but I was reminded too of defining highlights of my life’s journey. Let me talk about a lesson I learnt last year.


I was headed home with my boss(I served as her PA during NYSC) and we got to this traffic light.. Abuja has lots of traffic Knight for the record tho’. I think it counted down from 60 to 0. After about a minute, freedom 😎😎😎.

We reached a other traffic light few minutes later and this traffic light either didn’t have a countdown timer or the timer wasn’t working. I can’t remember how many seconds or minutes we had to wait before the light turned green but is sure felt like we waited till forever

In that moment, it struck me. It’s easier to wait with a countdown timer in hand. I mean if my father promised me today that in three days, I’ll get a car, I’ll happily wait for the next 72 hours to nak but if he just said ‘Ifeoluwa, I’ll give you a car’, I may not remind him every day cos’ I don’t want to pester him but deep down, I’ll be anxious to know when the car will come even if it was going to take the same three days.

Often, we see people younger than us and feel he/she has achieved ‘more‘ (what is even this more? Aren’t we the ones who place ourselves and others on certain pedestals that make our definition of success?)

We always tell ourselves ‘trust the process’ but it’s much more easier said than done. I’d say even more than trusting the process, we must trust God. As my friend MichaEl says, ‘God will order your steps – and your pauses/stops.

So when it feels like you’re in that place where everyone else is riding horses while you’re sitting on the back of a pregnant ewe, remember that Snails move too. Yes they do.

9 thoughts on “Snails move too

  1. Nice one dear, I was actually thinking about this today, may God help us to trust him. And help us to see the things he had done for us rather than grumble about the ones hasn’t done.


  2. Snails move too! In fact, they made it to the ark just like the cheetah. Thank you for reminding us Ife. 😘


  3. Ever heard of the competition between the tortoise and the rabbit? Slow & steady still wins the race. But all in all it must still be with the smartness ( wisdom)that comes from above


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