The Journey Of A Believing Believer

The Journey Of A Believing Believer

I have heard it said
From the time of old
That God indeed is great
Clothed and enrobed with mighty acts

Oh! But sometimes this heart of mine
Won’t just take a walk with my head
To believe and trust
Great words of My Mighty Father

Now don’t you get me wrong
He is my Father still
Even when doubt rises like a grey cloud
In the midst of a sunny summer

He even promise to love me more
And help me see
The shinning sun kept for me
Beyond the grey cloud

Now I need Peace that only He can offer
At such time when worries ravage my heart
Declaring war upon my territory
And doubts invade my domain

Father do just like the time of old
Part my roaring sea,still my noisy heart
Command the raging storm
Shine the hidden Sun

When my soul is overwhelmed Lord
And I am tempted to let go
Of this treasures of love and trust
Lean this soul on you Lord
Make me a believing believer

Have a worry free week ahead friends
Funmi Olutimehin

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