Don’t hold back. Let it out

Don’t hold back. Let it out

I woke up in the middle of the night with this strange pain, well maybe not pain. Feeling. I wanted to ease myself but I could barely stand up from the bed. It felt like my intestine was turnioniown.

I managed to stand up sha and walk to the toilet. I peed with quite much pain and all of a sudden, I began to fart(mess). For about ten seconds, I was busy l letting it out, the hurt and the pain-free the inside to the outside 😀😀😀lol

Lemme tell you what happened. On Saturday, we fried àkàrà at home out of which I ate from. After eating, I went to my sister’s house and met them(plus her husband man) making moinmoin. I was there till evening so of course I ate from it. It was really delicious tho😂 I even took one home to eat later…. A ó jẹ àjẹyó, a ó tún dì dì lóle Remember?

We had Ẹba and ogbono soup for dinner and I had to dish so little cos I still planned to eat my moinmoin. I ate it after a while and then ate one mango to step down.
I had to much awesomeness, though gaseous😅 and I had to let it out.

So it is with real life. Rememberthe article on closing your eyes and facing your fears?

We all have awesomeness in us (of course not smelly gas) that wee need to show(to the glory of God) and if we keep it to ourselves, on the long run, we become not comfortable and others cannot enjoy our gifting, our talents,our awesomeness.

From another anguu, we always need to not hold back when it comes to communicating with people we have relationships with. As much as we want to be tolerable, we have to talk as e dey do us. Maybe we’d have less misunderstandings if we speak up. If people know what we do and do not understand about them or their actions.
Don’t forget to speak up. Don’t hold back. Let it out.

Have a Beeyouteafull week

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