When love hurts

When love hurts

I bled. I really did. Thankfully, I didn’t bleed to death.
I was washing the dishes in the sink so I picked up the dish rack tray to wash and I moved the sponge wish-wash-wish-wash. I hadn’t repeated that pattern 5 times before the white lather turned red. Jesus was not physically there so I didn’t at least think He had turned the water to wine plus why would He even turned soapy water of all things to wine. Besides, only the lather in the tray was turning to ‘wine’. Or did the river Nile flow somehow into my house?


I stopped washing and lifted my hand. Only for me to realize that the Nile was actually flowing from my thumb


Whaat?! I was just trying to clean up the kitchen(which includes the dish rack). Is that what I get for wanting to take care of stuff? To be honest, my finger bled for up to five minutes. It’s almost completely healed now.

it’s almost healed completely

Did I tell you what opened river Nile? I didn’t. I was unaware of the fact that there was a very small but very sharp piece of broken glass in a corner of the tray waiting to be used by the devil……..lol don’t take that serious (a cup got broken some days before and I didn’t know part of it fell in there). I had to stop washing and tend to my wound.

Story time over
In the course of relating with human beings, there are times that maybe not we wanting to clean up people’s mess but we just want to help in whatever way we can. We want to help to polish them and make them better people and in spite of all we try to do, they, like the tray,have that small but extremely sharp broken piece of glass that can make our water turn to blood.

Naturally like me, our first reaction is to stop trying to help but maybe we shouldn’t. Remember I couldn’t wash anymore with my injured hand cos’ I the washing liquid was peppering me. Maybe what we need to do is not just to withdraw and run away… lol. Well we need to spend some time(I can’t say for how long) to heal but we can’t stay injured for too long. We still have to help to wash, help to polish, help to make people better than they were yesterday, help to make the world a better place.

Could it be that sometimes, the broken piece of glass is so big that we see and remove it from the tray but sometimes, we don’t see it so it ends up opening our Nile – memories we don’t want to visit, stuff we thought was gone with our past,feelings we never want to experience anymore and it causes us to get hurt?

Could we take time to heal, become wiser and more discerning(lol…nobody needs to tell me to check the corners of the tray anymore), still be the polishers we were meant to be, keep giving the help we need to give?

Importantly, anyone who’s been hurt needs to heal. Broken people cannot fix broken people. They just get all the more broken so fixing ourselves is really important but we can;t stop at that. We need to be the salt and the light that we are and spread the love of Jesus even to the most unexpected places


Like Jesus whose love never fails, never gives up and never runs out on us….

Have a fantabulous weekend

9 thoughts on “When love hurts

  1. The love of God has been shed abroad our heart, we only need the Holy Spirit to help us express it always. Thanks for the pieces.


  2. Truly real love does not hurt, it is only those who do not know how to receive or give love that hurt us. Nevertheless thank God for Jesus who shed His own blood


  3. Great lesson. Jesus didn’t stop loving us, even when we crucified him again and again, through our unbelief and our actions as a child of God.


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