The Diary Of A Dawn Walker (3)

The Diary Of A Dawn Walker (3)


The Meditation Of A Treasure Keeper

There is a beauty of a moonset
And the Glory of the sunrise
That I witnessed this day
This glory is a treasure
That I want to keep
In my heart for a long time

So early this day
As I took my dawn walk
I watch the moon took her leave
Like a shy bride
Who doesn’t know
How to enjoy the embrace
Of her waiting cloudy groom
Who longs for deep intimacy

Now the sun won’t even show up
Even though He keeps sending His Ray
like a forerunner n a delicate mission
Yet patiently he waits for the moon
To take her leave
Giving her the respect
Yes! Respect of mission accomplished

Once the moon melted
Into the waiting arms of cloudy groom
The sun burst forth
Like a Crystal orange ball
Popping out to give the earth
Light of purest light

What a glory to behold
The orange glow spreading out
Like a handsome peacock
On a parade of excellent glory
Sooner than expected
This glory fills up the whole horizon

How I wish I could capture this picture
And display to you this rainbow of treasure
Right now I have no picture to display
But let every heart so touched
Keep this picture that I have explained
In the Treasury of the heart
Where real treasures don’t ever get lost

Funmi Olutimehin
Treasure Keeper
Enjoy the rest of the week

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