Just At Being Beeyouteafull

Just At Being Beeyouteafull

Well, I’m eggzited about this because on a ‘low day’, I get this kinda poem from my mum. Just a reminder that I am(and you are too) the apple of God’s eye and He is madly in love with me😍😍😍😍


Crafted, cultured,and configured
To sing the praises of your God
Olutimehin Ifeoluwa I-solo
Keep singing His praises

Moulded birthed and raised
To live for your maker
Keep living His beautiful life
Yes!His life in you

Daughter of the Highest King
Singer of God’s s praises
Worshipper of Zion King
Keep bowing your heart
To Him who loves most

Beautifully beautifully keep at it
Keep being Beeyouteafull!🌹❀️

Funmi Olutimehin

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