Three Oranges or a packet of Chin-chin

Three Oranges or a packet of Chin-chin

I saw a friend off to the road yesterday after a visit  and on walking back home, I met two men (Aboki) selling their wares. One was selling Oranges, Watermelon and dates. The other was selling biscuits, drinks and other snacks.

I looked into my pocket and I discovered that I had #50 change. I was torn in between two options. I could make only one choice as I could not buy fruits and snacks at the same time. This was a very hard choice. I’ve been watching my weight recently and been trying  to avoid eating junks as much as possible but you won’t understand how important that decision was for me especially as I saw the Chin chin smiling at me like “come baby, come baby”.


Trust me, I make good decisions (at least 70% of the time). I decided to get oranges. I ate one, gave the gate man one and gave my aunt one.

Here’s the crux of the matter.

I had a decision to make and i could fortunately not eat my cake and have it. All the weight I have been watching was at stake. I’m not saying people shouldn’t eat chin chin (though I wont advise anybody to make a habit of eating chin chin any snacks generally too frequently) but I’ve cut down on snacks really low.

I had the option of supplying my body with vitamins or filling my body with unnecessary fat. There are times when we are faced with decisions we must make immediately. Thank God for the Holy Spirit that guides us from seemingly decisions (like the underwear to put on) to seemingly big decision (like who to marry) and so we don’t have to be afraid of being confused.

Secondly, We must be aware of the fact that the decisions we make will invariably affect others whether we are aware or not. If I had bought the chin chin, I most likely would have eaten it alone but buying oranges, I was nourished as well as two other people.

We need to become very intentional about decisions we make. Again, I’m not saying we shouldn’t eat chin chin. I’m saying we should watch our weight like me….. Lol. Be fit. Eat well. Eat lots of vegetables and drink water instead of soda.





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2 thoughts on “Three Oranges or a packet of Chin-chin

  1. Yeah… Keep fit and bless others…
    Mine is making a choice either to go for banana and groundnut or buns for lunch especially when I am in the sch campus…


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