On holding on

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Hi friends. How was your day? You Can tell me about it in the comment section. Me? I was under house arrest today. I will gist you about it later.

The story for today is on holding on as the title implies.


Every time my dad tells this story it is to teach on trust and of course, it reminds me of the fact that I used to be very scared of dogs.

I grew up with dogs from as little as zero years old (I’m almost sure we might have had up to 50 dogs at different points in time. Well I know I’m exaggerating) but for real, daddy loves dogs so we’ve always had dogs. Somehow, I was scared of them(well I still don’t like them. I’ve just become tolerant).

At the age of 3,we moved from Bauchi to Ilorin and were living in camp that had dogs. I think at that time, there were about 3 dogs in the camp. One fateful evening, I was following my dad to the President’s house and one of the dogs lay by the entrance of his house. If I saw the dog early enough, I probably would have turned back but no, it was too late.

As we moved close, I heard ‘wwwwuuuuuuuuu‘. I stopped dead in my tracks. Daddy said “Ìfẹ́ don’t be afraid. The dog won’t do anything to you”. I held his hand tighter than I did before and we continued walking.

After taking some more steps, I heard that ‘wwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuu‘ again and it was louder this time. I started making other plans of escape in my head. I couldn’t allow another person’s child put me in trouble na……………. Lol. I began to remove my hand from my father’s.

My father assured me again that all was well and held me firmer. We moved closer again. This time I heard it clearly. It was ‘wwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuulf‘. I couldn’t take it anymore. I yanked my hand off his and began to run. Only God know what was running through my head. How fast would a six-year old girl have run?

I ran as fast as my six-year old legs could carry me but fortunately, it wasn’t fast enough. The dog thought I was ready to play and started running after me. We ran until I fell to the ground and then play was over.

After falling, the same father I had run away from came to carry me and care for me.

Daddy always use this story to illustrate the fact that, many of us keep running away from God (lol……. Like we can ever be successful at that) and keep refusing to trust him when He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Beyond that, I have learnt :

–That No matter how hard I try to let go of God’s hands, He won’t let go of me. My name has been engraved on the palm of His hands.

–God loves me beyond me. No matter how much I love myself, It pales in comparison to how much God loves me

–The love of God, very reckless, will ever and always chase after me. He will chase after me a thousand and one times. He will carry me. He will care for me.

Well, I’m no more scared of dogs (at least the ones that don’t look like lions). Right now, there are 3 dogs at home. I have become more tolerant of them. Much more, I have learnt to trust God more, be soaked in His love and spread His love everywhere I go. Besides, my name is Ifeoluwa so why won’t I?

Enjoy the love of God

10 thoughts on “On holding on

  1. Blessed be God that let you have this story (not that I’m happy you fell). But it’s very illustrative of God’s love and dealings with us. Well done, greater understanding.


  2. Lol. Reminds me of a long forgotten fear of dogs during my childhood – you were not the only who nursed a dread for dogs(big or small), back then.
    Interesting piece. I like the way you drove home the point with the short anecdote. Holding on all the way…

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  3. This is so funny and relatable. I remember being chased by a dog once. I was with my brothers and they ran faster, I was the scape goat, it caught my skirt. But then I realised the dog just wanted to play not bite, me I’d already packed sand to pour in it’s eyes o, I can’t comman become dinner for dog.

    But yeah, God never leaves us even when we take to our heels. Thank you for reminding us Ife.


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