My heart is full


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet some very great people. This was the first time I was going to be in a gathering of people I had never met save one. I was blessed every which way and like I said, my heart is full.

I wrote a little poem with regards to this.

Like colors of the rainbow
Are everyone of us
So different from another
Yet together we’re cool
Did I say cool? Oh no!
We’re more than just say so
Because were filled with flavour
Of the God who loves us so

We’re bound not by water
But by the blood of Jesus
We are a family
With thirteen hearts of love
We’re filled with love for God
And for our brethren too
We’re not divided by tribes
For we have tongues of fire

We have the sauce, we’re salt
And of God’s light we shine
No longer are men scum
Because they are now saved
So like pens we are
In the hand of a ready writer
All of us with our flavours
Like colors of the rainbow.


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