Lessons my mother taught me


1. How to read
Thanks to my mother. I had started to read at the age of three. i was practically Home schooled as house was not different from school and mummy started teaching phonetics very early and (in my church mind) I started trying to read every written thing I saw. Even when mummy goes for occasions and she has to go with a fancy purse, there’s always a bigger bag that must contain at least two books that she is reading simultaneously. She led me well in my choice of books too. As hungry as I was for reading romance novels, she provided wholesome books for me. She made sure I never lacked good books. I really owe it to her for this. In my mother’s words: “I may not have money to leave for you as inheritance but I have books, many books at that”. Now, She has the money though. It’s our turn to bless her so we wouldn’t even be needing the money again but we’ll always value knowledge.

2. Hospitality
I grew up always seeing people around in our house, most of who weren’t related to us by blood. We were hardly just daddy, mummy and children at home yet mummy found spaces in her heart for everybody. I have learnt to be very accommodating to people who or who don’t value my hospitality. I have learnt that this is a very important seed among the ones we sow.

3. Loyalty
I have learnt to stand by people no matter what. I have seen mummy take care of people who even when she got tired of caring for, she still did. Children who have been bad and children who have been good alike. I have watched her mother people, sister people and befriend people.

4. How to be a lady
My mother taught me how to chew food without opening my mouth or letting my mouth make sounds (like a dog she says). MY mouth must have been hit a number of times because this particular lesson won’t just leave me in a long while. Under her tutelage, I have learnt to sit with my legs together( mummy was always singing “do it like a lady”). I have learnt how to walk without dragging my feet and how to feel beautiful from the inside

5. How to give
I have learnt how to give w hen I have plenty and much more, when I have little. The more merrier. When you ask daddy how something finished, he replies “it’s my wife that gave it out o”. I have learnt how to give to people and never expect anything in return.

6. How to cook
Mummy was very close ti her dad so “kitchen stuff” wasn’t really a priority. She had to learn it by force. She didn’t want me to learn it by force so she forced me to learn it. She made sure I was in the kitchen even when I was mad at her for making me stay in the kitchen. She took all my madness and made sure I stayed. Today, I’m a pretty good cook.

7. How to write
If there’s anywhere I learnt how to write, It’s from my mum (maybe small from dad sha). Mummy writes epistles for everyone on their birthday, she writes anything and everything.

8. How to love the Lord
As a little girl, I hadn’t known what praying in tongues was but I remember always seeing mummy’s mouth moving and the sound was always like wish-wash but she was praying like that almost every time I saw her. She still prays a lot for her biological and non-biological children. Thank God for mother’s prayers. She laid a very good foundation for me in my walk with God. she always prayed for us that each day of our lives, we would grow to love God more and serve Him more.

I have learnt so much that I am ready to pas on to my children very soon.
Mummy, I love you tori torun

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